This Pumpkin Farmer Now Sees Salvation in Pot


“Farmer John” Muller didn’t vote for the California law that legalized recreational marijuana. But now he hopes it will help him weather an economic downturn.

Muller is best known for growing some of Half Moon Bay’s biggest pumpkins, in addition to arugula, lettuce, onions and other crops, CBS San Francisco reports. But his large family farm has fallen into some disrepair. The greenhouses his father built in the 1960s are showing signs of wear and tear, and the family’s cash flow isn’t what it once was.

That, combined with the health care costs of his aging in-laws, who live on the farm, has Muller considering adding cannabis to the mix. “I think if we could derive some income from the cannabis, that would be enough to offset [his in-laws’]expenses,” Muller told KPIX 5.