Join Jodie Emery at Toronto’s 20th Anniversary Global Marijuana March


CANNABIS CULTURE – This Saturday, Cannabis Culture’s own Princess of Pot, Jodie Emery, will lead the pack of cannabis activists rising up to take back the streets of Toronto.

This year’s Global Marijuana March marks 20 years of civil disobedience. And it comes just ahead of Ontario’s provincial election and what we’ve been told is to be the “summer of legalization” on the federal level. Yet arrests and raids continue to put peaceful people in prison while political and corporate elites do their best carve up a market created by freedom-minded grass roots activists.

This march is a major opportunity to REJECT the heavy-handed, fear-based, reefer madness 2.0 rhetoric being put out on big media airwaves by politicians, police and all other liars & pirates.

Before the march, around High Noon, Rise Up Ontario is holding a rally on the South Queen’s Park greens featuring speeches from the aforementioned Jodie Emery, as well as representatives from HOTBOX, KarmaCup and other brilliant members of the activist community.

At 2 pm, the march will depart the park headed towards Bloor Street West where the route will make a right down Yonge Street continue to gather steam along Canada’s longest roadway before another right at Wellesley Street. All are welcome and you can join the march at any point on the route.

The march ends back at Queen’s park for a RISE UP Ontario rally and Cannabis Amnesty campaign launch at 4pm. where activists, advocates, patients & allies will call for freedom, fairness, equality, inclusivity, access, private retail opportunities, a free market in cannabis, and no more criminalization of cannabis and our culture!

The Toronto march is part of a global happening, connecting cannabis activists from all over the world in peaceful civil disobedience. In the spirit of inclusion, it’s important to remember that members of law enforcement will be on hand, some possibly even dressed in street clothes looking to infiltrate. While all are welcome, attendees of the GMM must remain vigilant forces for good. Respect your fellow citizens and be cognizant of the dirty tactics sometimes used by law enforcement. If you see a fellow marcher being hassled or arrested for exercising their rights of assembly, be polite, still sound the alert.

Marchers can expect a response from Toronto Cops, who will undoubtedly be on hand with a show of force. There have been arrests in the past, and there could be again this year. Oppression must be met with opposition, still the essential of this event is peaceful protest.

Bring your signs, flags and best buds to join thousands of fellow cannabis community members marching through the streets of Toronto! See you there.